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  The dark network is a part of the Internet where there are web pages on the networks for which special software is required. People use the dark network to remain anonymous or unavailable for tracking. You will not find the dark web pages that are returned in the search results, and a lot of misinformation about what a dark network is, how it works and how safe it is.

 Even if personally never go there, utilizers should know about access to the dark network and why some people want to visit this somewhat mysterious place. The deep web is a occult part of the Internet that involve stuff and information about web pages. 96% of the Internet is not available through standard search engines. Everything can be found here: porn, money laundering, getting drugs and weapons. The dark web has a rather dubious reputation. His proposal for anonymity is certainly a huge draw for people who want their activities sealed from the public eye, like to trade in pornography; acquire drugs, weapons, bank details, hacked user accounts, passwords, hacking software, fake money and other prohibited items; and even participate in contract killings.


Instruments for getting Dark Web

 Utilizing the dark network, users need to get a browser, such as Tor. This executes2 functions: combine utilizers to multiple networks that compose the dark network, and make unknown each step, showing the exact location where being situated. Download Tor browser

After downloading Tor, your browsing became unknown, which is essential for visiting any part of the .darknet links. Now have entance to unique .onion links.

 TOR browser is a free browser firmed and concentrated on Firefox. It can be downloaded it from the formal developer site. After that, the installation files will begin downloading process. The Hidden Wiki is an open source service to the Wiki Tor network. The site provides links to hidden services of Torah, as well as to simple sites outside the Tor network (which can be accessed without utilizing a Tor browser). The Hidden Wiki catalog includes links to child pornography, e-commerce sites that sell smuggled goods, including weapons, counterfeit money, identity documents, credit card numbers and drugs. Moreover, some of the utilizers have a legitimate necessity to remain unknown because their life may be in danger or the information they own is sensitive or even unstable. Journalists are popular and famous for utilizing a dark network to communicate with sources unknownly or as a special place to collect confidential and special documents.


 Tor Browser does not allow individuals who monitor your connection to know which websites being visited. Anyone who tracks your viewing habits can see that utilizers are utilizing Tor. The main and essential goal of the browser is to ensure that all utilizers look same, making it difficult for the others to take fingerprints based on information about your browser.

Finding Links Tor

 Is not easy and so simple, but when it comes to finding legal links, the difficulties only increase, given that the Deep / Dark network is not well known for its illegal nature. Exist some legar Tor Links such as SecureDrop, The Hub, IIT Underground, ProPublica and etc.